Q & A: Merrill Reese Makes Sitcom Debut

Plus former receiver and Eagles radio color analyst Mike Quick, Eagles VP Howie Roseman, and President Don Smolenski to appear on ABC's 'The Goldbergs," Wednesday, Feb. 28 at 8 p.m.


Adam Goldberg, the executive producer of ‘The Goldbergs’, wrote in a release, “Like Eagles fans everywhere, we waited a long time to see them win the Super Bowl. This episode is my way of celebrating with my father who is no longer with us, and uniting Eagles fans everywhere.”

The episode will “pay tribute to the Super Bowl LII Champions,” while sticking to the show’s lingering Philadelphia theme. ‘The Goldbergs,’ based on a family growing up in Jenkintown in the 1980s, often references the city’s sports teams and players.

Merrill Reese, who waited for more than 40-years to call the Super Bowl victory, had a lot of fun through the process, although it wasn’t his first scripted TV gig.

Charlotte: What were your first thoughts when being asked on the show? 

Merrill: Great, sounds like fun. And I did it when the Eagles were out in California, they had played Seattle on a Saturday night and then the following weekend they were playing the Rams out in Los Angeles. We were contacted to do it during that week that we would be out in Los Angeles. It seemed like a nice way to spend an afternoon.

Charlotte: As your scripted TV debut…

Merrill: Well scripted, yes, but I do a lot of television. But on an actual weekly program, yes… But it’s not really my scripted TV debut because when I was growing up I did a lot of television as a little boy – a lot of live television and live commercials – roughly between the ages of 8 and 12.

Credit: Wikimedia — ‘The Goldbergs’ cast in 2014

C: What kind of commercials were they?

M: Cereal commercials, milk commercials, you name it – I did it…my mother was really into show business. 

C: What was your favorite part of being on this set and being involved in this specific show? 

M: Just the excitement of doing it, of being on camera, and having the director -and just doing something new. It was a great experience and a fun atmosphere. It wasn’t hard work, you hear about when you shoot a film or a TV thing you go over and over and over the same lines. But here we did everything in one or two takes. 

C: How was meeting the cast, and I heard possibly the real-life character inspirations, like Adam Goldberg, who are really big Eagles fans?

M: Well, the truth is, I didn’t meet any of them… when I came out to do my scene it was on a Friday night and they sent a driver to pick me up and drive me to the set which was at a football field. And the only one I met was the Director, Melissa Joan Hart. But I didn’t meet any of the characters.

Director Melissa Joan Hart with Voice of the Eagles Merrill Reese on the set of ‘The Goldbergs’

C: How was Melissa Joan Hart?! Did you get a picture?

M: She was wonderful. Very, very, very sweet and friendly. She was a pleasure to work with… She joked with me “you’ve done this before, haven’t you?”

C: Aw! Now, the preview for the episode show’s Mike Quick as the assistant coach – 

M: Yes, the assistant coach named Ike Fast – that was the name they gave him…Ike Fast…~laughs~

C: That’s a good one – I guess he had to put his acting skills to the test a bit, while you kind of portrayed yourself? 

M: Right, I think in one scene – now this could change – I was supposed to be a high school teacher broadcasting a game on the student station and the next scene I was doing play-by-play where I was supposed to be Merrill Reese. We’ll see how it turns out… Except I know that I’ll probably hide my face, I don’t think many of us like to hear or watch ourselves, at least I don’t.  

Well, I know myself and many others will certainly watch and enjoy the Eagles themed episode. -CR