The Pennsbury Falcons will look to build upon a 16-10 2016 – 2017 record. After losing all five starters, Pennsbury has an up-hill battle ahead.

One of the five 2016 – 2017 starters lost to graduation is 6-8 all-state forward Mark Flagg.

“It’s going to be a huge obstacle,” head coach Bill Coleman said. “We’re losing an all-state player in Mark Flagg, we’re losing two starting guards in Addison Howard and Tyler Sessa-Reeves. It’s a huge obstacle… It’s exciting because we are starting new.”

Returning Starters: None. All five starters from last season have graduated.

Most Impactful Roster Loss: Mark Flagg.

“There’s no doubt it’s Mark Flagg,” Coleman said. “He was not only an all-star, but an all-state player.”

Player to Look Out for this Season: Raylil Winton Law.

“He really came on towards the end of last year. He’s really going to be a kid to look out for.”

Player that May Surprise Some People: Josh Arruda

WBCB’s Brandon Garrett contributed to this report.