The state championship Pennsbury Falcon baseball team were recently honored at the Pennsbury vs. Abington basketball game.

During halftime of the 82-60 Pennsbury defeat, public address announcer Daniel Mahoney summarized the Falcons magical playoff run. The description was capped off by a playing Vince Reed’s championship broadcast call (hear the call below).

Mahoney then announced each player and coach one-by-one as the team entered to resounding ovations.

“It was an unforgettable experience being able to reconnect with the entire team,” Pennsbury’s state champion second basemen Ryan McCarty said. “The love and support the school and the rest of the community continue to show us is amazing.”

The falcons aligned at the baseline, as former pitcher Billy Bethel revealed the state championship banner.

“Unveiling the banner in front of the entire crowd was special,” Bethel explained. “Me being the one to reveal it was pretty cool.”

In addition to the banner, each player was previously awarded a commemorative state championship ring.

When discussing the ring, one could hear the excitement in Bethel’s voice. “I got to show all my family and friends the ring, it’s definitely a cool honor.”

McCarty and Bethel’s former coach, Joe Pesci, understands the ceremony only lasted a night, but the implications of the achievement will go on far longer.

“This team is now immortalized,” Pesci explained. It’s something that’s so special nobody can take it away… When kids come to the gym they can look at it, and strive to put another one (banner) up.”