2017 was a tough year for the 1-win Council Rock North Indians.

We are only a couple weeks into training camp and this season already has a different feel for Council Rock North. With 24 seniors (the largest senior class in recent history for the Indians) they look to rely on the leadership to lead a team who believes they have a lot to prove.

There have been two major themes for camp so far. The first theme, “the next guy up mentality,” which has been laid out by third year head coach Matthew McHugh.

McHugh has laid the foundation for this upcoming season, and explains what to look forward to this season.

The second theme for camp this year has been the term “brotherhood.”

According to Oxford Dictionary, the term brotherhood is defined as. “The feeling of kinship with and closeness to a group of people”.

I caught up with senior FB Rob Ranelli who explains the brotherhood in camp this year is among the challenges Council Rock North faces this season. Ranelli  also explained how he expects CRN to consistently put points on the board

Returning Offensive Starters: QB Johnny Kane, OL Max Hipple, OL John Vanderslice, and OL Johnathan Xiong.

Returning Defensive Starters: DE Coleman Closser and DE Josh Colton.

Most Impactful 2017 Roster Loss: RB Michael Welde

“We were able to have big plays from RB Michael Welde all season,” head coach Matt McHugh said.

“He could hit holes from anywhere on the field and helped us on special teams and our kicking game. Michael Welde is going to be somebody we need to replace, but we need to replace with our whole offense… it’s not just going to be one guy” McHugh said.

2018 Player to Look Out For: Senior FB Rob Ranelli

“On the offensive side we have fullback senior Robbie Ranelli who brings a lot of energy to practice”.

2018 Player That Might Surprise People: Sophomore Center Justin Nowmos

“We have a sophomore out there right now in Justin Nowmos this week in practice whose really shown a maturity level we weren’t expecting. Were excited to see how he grows in our program.”

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WBCB’s Nick Gallagher contributed to this report.