The Neshaminy Redskins’ football program recently upheld an eight year Memorial Day tradition.

In coordination with the true meaning of Memorial Day, 60 to 70 Redskin football players traveled to Our Lady of Grace Cemetery in Langhorne, to help prep gravesides for the holiday.

The players replaced and added American flags beside Veteran tombstones for nearly three hours.

“The kids want to do this,” Neshaminy’s head football coach Steve Wilmot, said. “It’s something we tell our kids about one time… and every Saturday morning before Memorial Day they are there.”

Photo: @NeshaminySkins

One of the players whose been apart of the service project is all-state linebacker and tight end Oleh Manzyk.

Manzyk views the event as a worthwhile experience for a variety of reasons.

“Going every year really gives me and my teammates a sense of pride,” Manzyk explained. “Also, it provides us with a bonding opportunity and to build team chemistry.

Different players have attended the event throughout the past eight years, and more recently the day has commenced the exact same way.

Before dispersing throughout the cemetery, the team visits the graveside of former Neshaminy football coach, and Vietnam Veteran, Joe Foster.

Foster, a Redskin football coach since 1996, passed away in 2010.

“He was probably one of my all-time best friends,” Wilmot said. “The first flag always gets changed out at his grave.”

“We love going there and showing our respect,” Manzyk added.

Ultimately, Wilmot views the experience as a way to give back to the Bucks County community.

“The community backing is what makes this football program so special,” Wilmot said.

“In times like this, being able to help out with Veterans, its just great to give back and in a way say thank you to all the people who support us on Friday nights.”