By: Dustyn Green

It was a great week for High School Basketball. WBCB was able to bring six of the most anticipated games in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


Tuesday, February 4th

Hightstown vs. Trenton

Hightstown was able to flip a switch for the second half of their game on Tuesday. At the end of the half Trenton was able to walk into the locker room with a 39-33 lead courtesy of very solid offense. However, despite 25 points from Devonne Wells, Hightstown was able to pull out a gutsy 60-57 victory against Trenton!

It was a great storm brewing for Trenton in the first half,  with their offense being in sync for much of the half. They dominated the offensive floor so well for the entire contest, if it was any other team on the other side they would have been up by double digits!  In the second alone the two squads shot for a combined 20-26. Hightstown in the first half 12-22, Trenton shot 17-29, five of those being three-pointers. Hightstown gave them a ten-point 29-19 lead until they returned to their “do it all” Hightstown normality.

At the break, the threat for Hightstown, Ben Simon had six of his 10 tallies on the game. The struggles from Simon were the real game-changer. For Trenton, Devontay Hutson waltzed out of the gym with an impressive four steals. Ryan Hogan and Kyle Reiss came in clutch scoring a combined 29 points en route to the victory for Hightstown. 

Trenton should be proud of a great effort on both sides of the floor, the calls against them just came at the wrong time. As for Hightstown, they really need to take a look at what works for them and move on.

Pennsbury vs. Truman

In the back half of Tuesday’s duo, Pennsbury flew to a 68-49 rout of Truman. Unlike the opener, it was evident who was going to win this contest by the break. At that point, Pennsbury led by an impressive 23 points with a score of 43-20.

The Falcons believe that the overload of support on Senior Night was what helped them fuel the fire early. According to the Seniors they feel like Tuesday yielded the most support of the entire season.

Cooper Arnold firmly believes the energy from Senior Night allowed the team to play very well beyond the arc. Arnold remarked, “it  was crazy energy from the jump, everybody was just on point.”  The momentum was swinging and the Falcons were ready to rock the world of Neshaminy.


Thursday, February 6th

Neshaminy vs. Pennsbury (Girls)

The battle for the SOL National title on the Girl’s side was either about to be split or won outright. The Falcons were able to join Neshaminy to claim their share by a score of 42-32 despite Neshaminy’s Kristen Curley posting up 14 points.

Neshaminy had momentum swinging their way going on an 8-2 run early. Pennsbury supporters were quickly nervous and put on edge. The score was 13-6 at the change of quarters, Ava Sciolla put four of six on the board for Pennsbury. The first half resulted in the Falcons trying to post up and being unsuccessful.  At the break it was a 17-13 Pennsbury lead courtesy of an injured Bella Arcuri. 

Frank Sciolla has always taught his daughter and her teammates to play hungry.  Sciolla did what she knew scoring seven of her 22 right out of the locker room. The Redskins truly were not far behind, both teams were clicking so well that it was a 23-22 game in favor of Pennsbury!

Pennsbury wanted to take away any offensive chances that the Redskins were getting.  Pennsbury was going to work inside limiting everything that they needed to so they could walk away with it! Pennsbury is ready to go on a run in the playoffs, as is Neshaminy.

Neshaminy vs. Pennsbury (Boys)

In the Boy’s portion of the bracket it was more of the same against the two schools. Collin Connor was certainly locked in for the entire game on both sides in the 61-59 victory. However, Pennsbury still managed to allow Neshaminy to get 19 points from Brandon Kelly. The energy made this a great one as the pace was incredible! These two teams could still sneak into the playoffs and it will be interesting!


Friday, February 7th

Trenton vs. Hamilton West (Girls)

Trenton was able to really buckle down on Hamilton West as they led 45-13 at the break. They were en rout to a 74-32 blow out. Leinya Masinet had 38 tallies for Trenton in the game. On the other side Cierra Acevedo led with nine on the books. Defense was the key that opened the door to victory and this one was no surprise. 

Trenton vs. Hamilton West (Boys)

On the boy’s side Trenton ripped through in a crazy 72-70 game. Devonne Wells had 31 points to pull it off! On the other side Jack Boufford had 25. With the win Trenton moves their record to 7-13 on the season.