Local Artist Debuts Hit Philadelphia Themed Song


A Philly native is hoping to take the City of Brotherly Love by storm with a new Philadelphia-themed song titled “Cheesesteaks and Tastykakes.”

Written by front man “Pitz” Quattrone and guitarist Chris Robertson, the song is performed by The Freelancers. The group is composed of five performers, three of whom grew up in the city but then moved to Vermont and met by chance.

Pitz Quattrone grew up in the local area, graduated from Pennsbury High School in 1981, and listened to WBCB 1490 on his morning journey to school. He is now traveling the world from the Arctic Circle to the Equator as a professional Didgeridoo player and teacher.

“I love living in Vermont, but I also love my Philly roots,” PitzĀ said. “It was frustrating these last twenty years because I can’t get Tastykates and I certainly cannot get a proper cheesesteak in the entire state of Vermont.”

The musical piece features baritone saxophone playing the signature riff, while the other members play guitar, bass, drums, and Pitz sings the vocals. It also stems from Pitz’s nostalgia for the Philly sports scene.

“I miss going to Flyers and Eagles games. My dad had season tickets for the Eagles from 1960 until the day he died in 2005,” Pitz said. “He was born and raised in South Philly, so he took me to games. I remember going to Franklin Field before the Vet was even built.”

His experience with the city’s sports scene truly feeds into Pitz’s ambitious vision for the song’s potential, hoping it will be sung wherever there are Philly people.

“I see and can hear the song being sung by thousands in between periods at Flyers games, half time at Eagles games, 7th inning stretch at Phils games and half time at Sixers games. As well as in the parking lots tailgating, parties etc,” Pitz exclaimed. “Boston has “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond, Philly will have “Cheesesteaks & Tastykakes” by Pitz Quattrone & The Freelancers! Philly’s new theme song and anthem it truly is.”

Anyone interested in reaching out to Pitz Quattrone can visit his website here or email him atĀ pitzquattrone@gmail.com.