Five times, the Eagles have started 7-1 and four times, they reached the championship game.

In 1949, the Eagles who started 7-1 finished 11-1 and won the NFL Championship beating

the Rams in Los Angeles, 14-0.

In 1960, the Eagles went 7-1, clinched the Eastern Conference with a 9-1 record and finished 10-2

The Eagles followed up won the NFL Championship game beating Green Bay, 17-13, at Franklin Field.

In 1961, the Eagles started 7-1, finished, 10-4, but finished second and only first place teams played in the post season then.

In 1980, the Eagles started 7-1, finished 12-4, won the Eastern Division and followed up by winning the

National Football Conference Championship, but lost the Super Bowl to Oakland, 27-10

In 2004, the Eagles started 7-1, finished 13-3 and won the Eastern Division and went to the NFC Championship game for the fourth straight year, but this time, defeated Atlanta and advanced to the Super Bowl, but lost to New England, 24-2.